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In this article today I will highlight all the websites for nurses worldwide which publish new job circulars every day. Many of us want to search for job circulars outside our own country or neighboring countries, in this case, the information in this post will be useful for you. Again you may not know about any website in your country where you can get your desired job. Let's take a look at the most popular websites worldwide, where nursing jobs are posted.

There are several job sites that publish job advertisements from different countries around the world. You can easily find nursing jobs from these sites like etc. But in some countries these sites do not publish any real circular or mostly circular spam. So first you need to know whether the circular is actually posted from the country you are looking for. Most of the circular spam is posted mainly from the Asian continent and other less English speaking countries.

However, these sites are very popular in Europe and America.

First I will highlight some popular international job sites, then local job sites from different countries will be discussed.


More than 300 million job seekers use this job portal every month. It is the world's number 1 job site. Really tries to put job seekers first, giving them free access to job searches, resume postings and research companies. Every day this website helps millions of people to find new jobs.

Please note that Indeed and its affiliates are directly or indirectly owned by a publicly traded Japanese parent company, Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.


inkedin is ranked second in terms of popularity worldwide. According to authorities, the website has 875 million members from more than 200 countries worldwide. Like Indate, a large number of nursing circulars are published every day.


Glassdoor is ahead of many sites in terms of popularity and job postings. Here they create special categories highlighting salary, job type and job opportunities. Together, they are building a world where people have the support and resources they need to find the jobs they love. Spam or false circulars are relatively less on this website.

Now highlighting popular local websites based on specific countries, these sites are most popular in their respective countries.

United States

This is the world's largest website for nurses to find nursing jobs in the USA. You will find various alternative methods on this website to find the job of your choice. It has a powerful search feature and many organizations post jobs daily for job seekers.

This website is also a popular website to find desirable nursing jobs in USA. Every day there are many organizations advertising nursing jobs.

This is a popular nursing website for providing travel nursing jobs and travel nursing information across the United States. Provides information, locating travel nursing housing, and job search tips and advice, specifically to assist with nursing career development.


The Job Bank is Canada's national employment service. This is the first choice site for nurses looking for new job ads in Canada. Almost all organizations of Canadians are providing job postings here. It is naturally more popular as it is run under Govt.

If you are interested in building a nursing career in Canada, you can keep an eye on this website regularly. You can easily find and apply for hundreds of nursing job circulars across Canada from this web. Here you can manage your resume and job applications online.

United Kingdom

It is the UK's most popular nursing job website. The authority of this website also organizes various courses for nurses, providing various advice and services for success in the nursing profession. However, after passing nursing in UK, jobs are easily available.


Adzuna is the most popular website in Australia. Finding the desired nursing job advertisement is very easy with many filtering options. Moreover, out of all the job advertisement sites in Australia, most of the job advertisements are posted in this place.

This website is working successfully since 1998. Various companies regularly post jobs here. From here you can easily get various nursing jobs.

CareerOne, Monster's partner in Australia, is popular with job seekers because it offers specialized tools for job ads, career advice and a resume search that automatically recommends companies. Get your resume evaluated by a professional resume expert. For this you need to send your resume to them. You will then receive specific suggestions for improvement within three days.


1. is the most popular job site in Luxembourg to find nursing jobs easily. This website is very different from other sites and I really like its job posting system. The website is managed by multilingual experts to help companies find the right candidate at the right moment and help candidates find their ideal job in Luxembourg. So this website is very comfortable for international nurses.


1. is Switzerland's leading online job portal. Job seekers can search for jobs of their choice from thousands of advertisements. I think there is no need to search any other website to find suitable jobs for nursing profession in Switzerland.


Workindenmark provides information, guidance and tools for international job seekers and Danish employers to find each other Danish companies look for foreign candidates from this site. Workindenmark is part of the Danish Ministry of Employment and a member of the European Employment Service (EURES).


Most vacancies in Norway are listed on the Internet. Nursing job vacancies published in Norway can be found in the NAV job database ( Most vacancies are written in Norwegian, but you can find several job vacancies in English using the predefined search.

Hong Kong

The website is popular as a leading job portal with significant presence across China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. Asia's preferred destination for job seekers. With a team of 1,000 talented people, managing the program. They are working tirelessly to provide the best opportunities to the job seekers and select the qualified candidates to the employers.


1. is Ireland's most popular and supportive e-recruitment platform, part of Stepstone, the world's leading e-recruitment group. They give employers and job seekers more choice and value every day. Happy job + happy people = business success.


InfoJobs is one of the leading recruitment sites in Italy. Currently, many notifications for nurses are published on this platform. It is said that there are around 79K companies registered under this platform across Italy. InfoJobs has around 6.3 million candidates registered with them.


StepStone is a leading next-generation recruitment platform in Germany. With their AI-based recruitment platform and intelligent autonomous matching technology, they have changed the way people and employers come together.

If you're an English speaker in France, you've undoubtedly heard of The Locale. The international news agency has offices across the continent and a specialist France team working in the capital. You can find your desired nursing jobs in the jobs section of this website. Moreover, Indeed and Linkedin are basically the most job postings in France.

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