The best Country to Study Nursing

Are you searching for the best country for nursing education? You are welcome. In this article, we will discuss some best county for nursing admission.

15 Best Country to Study Nursing

    1. The United Kingdom
    2. The United States of America
    3. Canada
    4. Australia
    5. The Netherlands
    6. New Zealand
    7. Ireland
    8. Norway
    9. Russia
    10. Hungary
    11. South Korea
    12. Malaysia
    13. Lebanon
    14. Japan
Now, let's take a look at each country in detail to easily understand why they are an ideal country to study nursing courses.

1. The United Kingdom

First of all, if you get a nursing degree from the UK, you can join the nursing profession very easily compared to other countries. Hence the UK is the first choice of most students.
Secondly, you don’t have to worry about losing your job because when you choose a nursing career in the UK within the NHS, you will get 100% job security. No nurse job is easily dismissed here. Not only nurses but all professionals have charred guarantee more than in other countries. 

Top Universities in the UK to study Nursing:
    1. King’s College London
    2. University of Southampton
    3. The University of Manchester
    4. University of Nottingham
    5. The University of Edinburgh

2. The United States of America

The United States of America is well known for its top-notch nursing education system. Due to this, there are many opportunities for students to get involved in various activities, both on and off campus while they are pursuing their college degrees. Top Universities in the USA to study Nursing:
    1. University of Pennsylvania
    2. University of Washington
    3. Johns Hopkins University
    4. Yale University
    5. University of California

3. Canada

There are also opportunities for students to get involved in various activities, both on and off campus while they are pursuing their college degrees. But the Canadian political environment is cool more than the USA. Due to this, many international students want to study in Canada. Top Universities in Canada to study Nursing:

    1. University of Toronto
    2. McMaster University
    3. McGill University
    4. University of Alberta
    5. University of British Columbia

4. Australia

Australia is one of the best countries for nursing education and job the ultimate study abroad destination for students across the world. Students move to this country for quality education, a high standard of living, work opportunities, and personal advancement. Australia is famous for offering incredible specializations, salaries, and growth opportunities when it comes to the medical sector (doctor & nurse). You can easily work and study both from Australia. For this opportunity, Australia is a dream country worldwide. Top Universities in Australia to study Nursing:

    1. University of Sydney
    2. Monash University
    3. University of Melbourne
    4. Griffith University
    5. Deakin University

5. Sweden

For international students, Swedish is a perfect place.  The Swedish government allows International students to extend their residence permit by 6 months after completion of studies if they wish to look for jobs. With an employment rate of 94.1%, there cannot be a better option for international students. Top Universities in Sweden to study Nursing:

    1. University of Gothenburg
    2. Linkoping University
    3. Karlstad University
    4. Malardalen University
    5. Swedish Red Cross University College

To be continued........

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